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Its pretty safe to be said, your data is priceless. It holds all your family memories, critical life data, financial data, business data and more! Can a price even be put on this data? We dont think so. We dont take this lightly when you entrust us with your data backup.

We believe nothing is more important when it comes to your computer than performing a regular, automatic backup of your important data files, pictures, documents, music, emails and settings, financial data, databases, etc. Maybe you use Quicken to track your home finances? Perhaps your business uses Quickbooks to keep track of clients, generate invoices, and track expenses? This is vital information whether you are a homeowner or business owner. For some reason, most of us just don’t take the time to put together a backup solution for our computers. But if we ever lost our information due to a system crash, hard drive failure or theft, the results would be disastrous! Hard drives can fail at any time without warning, but you can protect your data by having Firelands Computer Services setup a backup solution that makes the most sense for you. Our technicians have the expertise to work within your environment and put together the best backup solution for you, based on the operating system and hardware already in your home or place of business. If any additional hardware is needed, Firelands Computer Services can obtain it for you and make sure you get the right device with enough space to save ALL your important information. Backup sets can consist of incremental backup data or full backup data. Incremental backups consist of a full backup then only files that change when the backup runs. This permits the backup process to run much more quickly, which is ideal if you are backing up a large amount of data. We can also configure full backups and save multiple sets of backup data in case any of the backup data gets corrupted.

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