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Guest WiFi Services

Our guest WiFi Services uses state of the art WiFi devices that allow your guests to roam without having to reconnect to different access points.
Once connected, they can roam freely to where WiFi coverage is, from one end of the building to another.

WiFi devices are available for interior and exterior applications.

Interior Applications: Hotels, Restraunts, Diners, Coffee Shops, inside businesses.

Exterior Applications: Camp Grounds, Marinas, RV Parks


We can provide support to end users having issues with their computers at your hospitality facility 24/7. (optional, extra fees may apply depending on contract terms)

All devices used come with 1 year warranty through the manufacturer, handled through Firelands Computer Services.

Ability to expand later.

Your business network is seperated from your guest network, and guests cannot access devices on the business side of the network.