Computer Repair

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Computer Repair

It is safe to say that every person is going to need someone to work with for computer repairs at one point or another. It could be for business, pleasure or both your personal and professional computer. That doesn’t matter; it is the speed with which you respond and the company with which you call on that counts.

At Firelands Computer Services, our name says it all – we just left off “exceptional.” Our team of professional technicians can conduct any number of tasks as part of restoring the computer or laptop to its original working condition. This obviously includes having vast knowledge of software, hardware, peripherals and malware.


The basic job functions entail diagnoses and identifying the cause of errors and correction of the malfunction. This may or may not include repairs to the electrical components, virus removal, installing new software, system upgrades and more. It may even include repairs to the hardware.

Obviously, this is not the type of thing that you want to leave to just anyone. Nor is it something that you should attempt as part of a do-it-yourself project. Either of these approaches could make things worse instead of better.

You can count on our technicians to get the job done!